R&D Symposium 5

Battery Engineering Symposium

Building Better Batteries

30 January 2018 | Congress Centrum Mainz | Mainz, Germany

Today’s leading battery engineers are working to create high-energy, cost-effective, and reliable batteries that fully utilize the battery’s chemistry. To achieve this goal, engineers must consider materials and cell engineering, mechanical, electrical, and thermal design and integration of packs, as well as output, safety, and durability of the key designs.

Battery Engineering will bring together engineering representatives from top OEM companies, the battery supply chain, and top academic institutions to discuss the recent advancements in battery technology. This symposium will encompass both cell and pack engineering and how advancements in these areas are not only building better, but safer and more robust batteries.

Preliminary Agenda


SESSION CHAIR: Michael Geppert, Chief Engineer, TUEV SUED Battery Testing GmbH

Battery Calorimetry of Li-Ion Cells to Prevent Thermal Runaway and Develop Safer Cells
Carlos Ziebert, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Head of the KIT Battery Calorimeter Center, IAM-AWP, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Deformation In 18650 Li-Ion Cells Observed by Micro X-Ray Computed Tomography
Andreas Pfrang, Ph.D., Scientist, Battery Energy Storage Testing for Safe Electrification of Transport (BESTEST), European Commission

Safety Testing for xEV Batteries 
Michael Geppert, Chief Engineer, TUEV SUED Battery Testing GmbH


SESSION CHAIR: Wenzel Prochazka, Ph.D., Product Manager, Global Battery Management Team, AVL List GmbH

Continued Glimpses into xEV Batteries on the Market – AVL Series Battery Benchmarking
Wenzel Prochazka, Ph.D., Product Manager, Global Battery Management Team, AVL List GmbH

Multifunctional Battery Housings and Their Helpful Application for Thermal and Mechanical Tasks
Jobst H. Kerspe, Consultant, GVI, König Metall GmbH & Co.KG

DOW CorningDow Solutions for Battery Packs and Control Units Assembly and Cooling
Eric Vanlathem, Ph.D., Senior Application Engineer, Dow Performance Silicones, Dow


SESSION CHAIR: Robert Spotniz, President, Battery Design LLC

Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application, & Market
Manuel Wieser, Product Development Manager, Management, Nano-Nouvelle

Industrial Viable Water-Based Processing for Ni-Rich NMC Cathodes
Stella Deheyran, Ph.D., Applications engineer, Emerging Technologies, JSR Micro NV

New Generation of Current Collectors Enhance Battery Performance
Thierry Dragon, Business Development Director, ARMOR Films for Batteries, ARMOR

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