Monday, 29 January

10:45 12:45

TUT1: Li-Ion Battery Design and Simulation

Tutorial will cover topics including:

  • A Brief Survey of Software Tools
  • Battery Design Basics (Energy & Power)
  • Cell Design (Components, including electrodes, separators, electrolytes, collectors; Stacked Plate and Spiral; Empirical Models; Macro-Homogeneous Models; Microstructural Models)
  • Module Design (Series/Parallel; Cooling Strategies)
  • Simulation of Ageing
  • Simulation of Abuse

Instructor: Robert Spotnitz, Ph.D., President, Battery Design LLC


TUT2: Effect of Electrode and Cell Production Steps on Lithium Ion Battery Cell Performance and Costs

Topics to be covered include:

  • Overview process chain for electrode and cell production (conventional and alternatives) – dry mixing, wet dispersing, coating, drying, calandering, final drying, slitting, cell assembling, electrolyte filling, formation
  • Importance of mixing and dispersing step for later cell performance, especially c-rate performance and cycle stability
  • Critical aspects in coating and drying of LIB electrodes
  • Calandering and final drying to improve cell performance and volumetric energy density
  • Cell assembly for high reproducibility and low costs
  • Electrolyte filling and formation as time consuming and performance relevant production steps
  • Process-structure-performance relationships as tools for optimization of lithium ion battery cells
  • Virtual cell design to determine cell performance as function of important production parameters
  • Cell cost calculation based on detailed process chain consideration
  • Ecological impact of battery cell production

Instructor: Arno Kwade, Prof. Dr.-Ing., Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB), TU Braunschweig


TUT3: The Rechargeable Battery Market: Value Chain and Main Trends 2017 - 2027

This tutorial will present the 10-year automotive market forecasts from Avicenne and other analysts (micro|Hybrid|P-HEV|EV). Other coverage will include car makers’ strategies, advanced energy storage (Advanced lead acid|Supercap|NiMH|LIB). Additionally, LIB design for P-HEV & EV markets (Cylindrical, prismatic, pouch|Wounded, stacked, Z fold cells) and LIB cell, module & pack cost structure 2017-2027 will be discussed.

Instructor: Christophe Pillot, Ph.D., Battery Survey Manager, Avicenne Energy, France

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